Thursday, March 20, 2014

Harmony Tour

Hi my dear readers, sorry for the long pause in my blog post. I am busy with my accounting firm + my baby girl who is going to arrive next month...scary.

In view of above, I would like to quickly add a few lines here.

New tour we are conducting include:-

1) Harmony Tour whereby we will bring both new or old citizens to different places of worship to promote religious and culture understanding among our different races or even foreigners.

2) We are also conducting tour for Little India, Chinatown, Peranakan, Singapore River, WWII site. Please feel free to contact us if your organisation require such tour (groups of 20 and above only)

3) We are also positioning ourself to be a channel for companies to improve their brand awareness. Basically, we have out reached to thousands of public in Singapore especially for the senior citizens segment. I will not elaborate here, please email me if interested.

Please continue to email me on your visitation request and I will try to satisfy all of you.