Saturday, December 31, 2016

Warehouse tour - Tea and Snack warehouse

Hi all, it has been a long time since I have updated the blog. Been visit with baby, work and stuff. I have a back log of places to update.

But since it is a new year and a time for sharing, I have come across a wonderful place at woodland (Oriental Royalty) that sell tea. Now you may be wondering what is so wonderful about tea . For one, the packaging are amazing  - it being design by Artist in the Western Europe base on the theme of the year. The varieties are also amazing! Also, the leaves are complete tea leaves instead of the leave fragments commonly found!

Not only tea, they do sell other cooking ingredients like curry paste, black fungus and many more. See some photo belows.

Also included will be some videos on how teas are made.

Please do not visit this place on your own. Strictly by appointment only.

This location will be included as part of warehouse tour.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Warehouse Tour - Crocodile and Food warehouse (Suitable for Mother day)

This post serve as an update to Fei Fah Ointment warehouse. To our pleasant surprise instead of just Ointment it has also evolved into a food import and export center. Mainly, they import special - seldom seen product from Hong kong and Malaysia.

This include all kind of Durian Favored product - NOT Durian itself - see thir postal below

There will also be educational talk on food safety on extract of Durian product, on how those extract are added to the food and the processing procedure. Something everyone needs to know as food extract are everywhere now and some are just pure chemical additives!

Next, not forgetting their Ointment roots. There have recently added their Crocodile oil range of products that has been selling like hot cakes but will be selling cheaper at the manufacturing plant here. Take a look at their adv below.

Below are some of the other products and picture of happy customers that have visited them.

This location will be tag as part of Fei Fah Ointment Fty tour
You can jump to the list of factories here.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Postpone and cancel of tours till 30 March 2015

With great sadness, all Singaporean, myself included heard the news that Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore founding Prime Minister has passed away.

As a mark of respect, all local tours will be postponed or cancelled if necessary till 30 March 2015.

We regret for any inconvenient caused.

On a personal note, Mr Lee has my utmost respect in truely giving up his life for Singapore as the welfare and survival of Singapore was his true passion.

Thinking out loud about myself, if I earned a few millions per year, after 2 years I would retire somewhere with rolling mountains and beautiful streams. Certainly not staying in Singapore and care about the harm of chewing gum or reproductive rate of the people. The fact that he cared speak volumes of his interest in Singapore as a whole and thus the welfare of everyone that call this rock home.

To make sure the society Mr Lee had used his live to build for us remain vibrant, prosperous, strong and free we must continue to ensure the fundamental value of equal chances for all races, religious in moving on in life, but at the same time giving each ample space to practice their own way of life. We need to continue to research new grounds for growth and development, new way of thinking ahead of other nations to stay relevant cos our margin of error remain very slim despite 50 years of progress.

However this is no longer Mr Lee problem, let the new generation take up the burden and come what may.

Rest in Peace Mr Lee for you deserve it.