Friday, May 21, 2010

Rice Dumpling Factory

Hope you guys are well after my long absence! The fall of Euro has huge implication for my work and this blog has to take second burner for awhile! Well, the June holiday season is coming and I hope my blog can help you plan your tour in Singapore.

The next place I am going to intro is the Rice Dumpling factory in Aljunied. For those who love dumplings, this is the place to go. See how the workers stuff the dumpling and roll it out. Many people commented that they also know how to make dumplings. I am sure you do...but do you know how to roll our 10,000 dumplings in a day with abt 4 person? See how it is done here.

You can buy dumpling here also. This includes “Tao Sa”, plain, meat, white rice or normal rice dumpling!

This tour is classified under warehouse tours.

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