Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Places I have been - Jurong Island Chem Gallery

Elements Of Fractional DistillationAll of us use petroleum in our daily lives. Be it in the form of petrol/diesel, plastic, cosmetic or smart phones all uses some form of derivatives from fossil fuel. These derivatives and products are distillated in refineries and further modified in specialise plants into specialty products.

In Singapore, this industry is primarily based on Jurong Island. As walking around the island (above 5000++ football field) is a hassle, it is all summarises in the Chem Gallery in Jurong Island.

The Periodic Table: Elements with Style!Chem Gallery basically explained the how of drilling for fossil fuels, how fractional distillation is used to separate fossils fuels into different fractions. It also explains how heavier components into lighter one like Petrol which is more valuable. It also showcase different products that are derived in one form or another from fossils fuel derivation. Oh..there is also a giant periodic table there in case you need to look out for the element involved.

Last thing to note, Jurong Island is a gazetted area since 911 incident. Access is tough and generally out of bound to public..

This tour will be classified  and under educational tour.

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