Monday, December 12, 2011

Factory Tour - Coffee Factory

Singaporeans and the world at large love their coffee, at least I do. Many of us survive through the day with not a few cups of coffee. Do you know that Singapore has her own coffee powder factories? Do you know that different coffee powders, different ingredients and different type of grinding are used for coffee powder used in Starbucks and coffeeshop?

Recently, I was invited to a coffee factory to learn about coffee manufacturing process. From adding of maize, butter and sugar to coffee bean, to the baking process to the cooling process, to the grinding process and to learning how to identify the readiness of the baking from the smoke, it is really an eye opener.

 It is a not an easy environment to survive as the heat from the cooked coffee beans spread quickly once they are poured onto the mixer. Through out the factory, you can find large trumpet like structure to suck hot air out of the factory.

This tour will enables coffee drinkers a greater appreciation of the effort, time and ingredients that went into making your favorite cup of coffee!

I will classify this place as part of factory and educational tour.

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