Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farm Tour :- Prawn Fishing

This is not a farm tour per se. It is prawn fishing in Punggol Marina Country Club. Recently, I was invited to have a tour of Punggol Marina Country Club and to introduce it as one of the venue for visitation.

The thing that caught my attention is the large prawn fishing ground available. They charge a rate of $15 for first hour, $25 for second hour and $30 for three hour. As far as I can understand, once the prawn are caught, you could BBQ it over the pit (no rental charge, but need to pay BBQ start up kit-$2).

Apart from Prawn fishing, there are water sports such as water jet, take a boat ride around Singapore, Karaoke and other stuff.

I am not technically correct in putting this under farm tour. However, a prawn traditionally are grown in farms, I shall put it under farm tour.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Educational Tour at Science Art Pte Ltd :- Gua Sha(刮痧), Ba Gua Massage, Acupuncture (针灸) and herbs identification

Today, I have an interesting day. As a Chinese, I have also heard and use traditional medicine and Chinese alternative medicine(link to Amazon Adv). As an avid SPA goer, I also love massage. Well today, I was given the chance to have a more in-depth understanding of Gua Sha(刮痧), Acupuncture (link to Amazon Adv), massage and herbs identification with a bunch of students from Chinese High.

We started the day with a course outline; follow by TCM history, present day application, myths and truths, different TCM components theories, break and finally practical lessons.

There are so many things to learn. Take Gua Sha (basically using any objects with smooth round edge - commonly side of horns - to massage your body)as an example , one must not use force more than 10 Newton (or approx 1 kg in Earth gravity) to scrub against the skin, the horn must be held at 90 degree or below and it must be in one direction (which direction depend on your age and which part of the body). Any error in Gua Sha may do more damage than cure.

In the four hour programme, it is a very enriching experience for the students and me. Held by a reputable TCM provider in Singapore, Science Art, I felt that skills learnt here can help everyone make life more comfortable for their love ones esp. the young ones and our senior citizens!

This tour will be classified under educational tours.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Educational Tour - Philatelic Museum

I have a love of stamps (links to Amazon Adv)since my Dad handed down to me his old collection stamps from the 1960s. My fervor for them was further fanned when I have the opportunity to visit the stamp vault where those old stamps or misprinted stamps are kept in Sing Post.

Learning from the person in charge the work that went into making a stamp, the collaboration between Heritage board, artist, printer and Post office, I believe that every single stamp is worth more than the value stamped on the surface.

Vintage Postal Marks Rubber Stamp Set By Cavallini & Co.A stamp is not just a ticket for your letter, a stamp represent a country; most if not all stamps cover tell a story. It can be about an icon of the country, a great man that lives or used to live in that country or some cultural aspect of the country that is thought to be a good representation of the country. In order to do this, the varieties of stamps can boggle your mind. There are stamps that have smell, stamps that are 3D,postal stamps that have edges, no edges, metal print, etc...

Royal Wedding 2011, Stamp First Day CoverBecause of this, let me introduce you guys to Singapore Philatelic Museum. You can buy first day cover, old stamps and international stamps all from the Singapore Philatelic Museum. What more, you could learn some of the process that are involved in making stamps and how stamps play an important role in the history of mankind. If you are a keen collector, learn about the hierarchy of stamp collectors that you can aspire to rise up to!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random Places I have been - Lasalle College of the Arts

Recently, I was having dinner at a restaurant near Princep Streets when I took the opportunity to visit Lasalle College of the Arts.

I have always wanted to visit this building as the building itself seem to be an work of art. I am not disappointed. When I stepped into the College, it seems like a giant gallery towering over me. Staring at me are all the tutorial rooms, exhibition rooms or labs full length windows. From the ground floor, it seems that every rooms contain some art pieces that are being prepared to be presented to the world. It seems that every rooms have in store some surprises for every visitors as long as you want to come in.

As a stranger to the building, I find the walkways, stairways and art gallery corridors both fun and is like what can I expect to find at the next turn?

This is definitely a nice place to go. If anyone reading this blog has accessed to the depths of Lasalle, please bring me along. Now I will just put it under random places of interest. Hopefully, I can upgrade it to be part of educational tour soon!

This location will be classified...for now at least under Random places I have will be upgraded soon, so keep a look out at this page!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Places I Have been - Durian Tour

Singaporeans love their durians. I am quite confident the majority of Singaporeans have purchased and eaten durians before. However, a recent quick enquiry on a coach during one of the night tours have shown that most have not enjoyed eating durian at the durian store directly.

Below, I have posted some photos of the joy we have had during our feasting of durians at one of the stalls along Sim ave. In the photos below, we are at Chin Yong Fruits Trading - Durian King. A little tibits, the boss has retired and has handled over the stall to his daughter who is about the same age as me!

What are the joys/advantages of eating at the stall directly? 

1) You got unlimited durians and many many varieties of them to boot.
2) These durians are not light and are a chore to carry back home (how many can you carry anyway).
3) If you are using public transport, you will be banned as the smell is repulsive to some.
4) You do not need to clean up the durian shells after eating.
5) If the fruits you purchased at bad, you can immediately asked for a change.
6) It is a great joy to see so many people (strangers or otherwise) enjoying their durians and observe the Geylang traffic crawling in front of you!

This place will be categorised under random places I have been to.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Random Places I have been:- NDP Review fire work display from Marina Bay Sands swimming pool

By a stroke of blind luck, I have stayed at Marina Bay Sand on 31 July which happened to be Singapore National Day review. By another stroke of good luck, Singapore Minister Mentor also visited the Sky Garden at the same time. I was confused by the sudden camera flashes directed in my direction until I notice Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew standing right beside me, surrounded by guards of cos.

Since I find this interesting and fun, I will just post it under random places of interest as the pool is normally exclusive to hotel guests only.

At the same time, I will post some photos of the inside of MBS. This gives you guys a chance to look how it really looks like...not some nice marketing photoshoot by MBS.