Thursday, February 18, 2010

Other Places I have seen

There are some places that do not meet the objective of this blog. However if I find them sufficiently interesting...or because I happen to have a camera with me, I may just post the pictures here with some write ups.

1) Hollywood Dino Tour Review (It is educational, however it is temporary so it is not in the permanent pages)

2) Resort World Sentosa (It is here cos it is new. May be removed anytime!)

3) Tiger Tower (It is here because it is the first time I try it. It may be removed cause it is too popular haha)

4) Fish Ball Factory (Not open for visiting anymore)

5) Marina Bay Sand and The Helix (It is here cos it is new. May be removed anytime!)

6) Marina Bay Sand Sky Park

7) National Day Review at Sky Park

8) Roadside Durian stalls

9) Lasalle College of Arts

10) Dempsey Hill

11) Media release City Alive!

12) Sentosa Boardwalk

13) Malay Kampong

14) Ion Sky

15) Pulau Semakau


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