Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Places I have been :- Marina Bay Sand Sky Park Observation Gallery

Most of you must have heard about the Sky Park that was opened recently at the top of Marina Bay Sand. Recently, I was invited to pay a visit to the Sky Park and the view is really out of this world. The panoramic view of Singapore as seen from the deck make you feel like the emperor viewing his land haha.

The entrance fee is $20 for adults and free of children below 2. I cannot remember the cost for students..sorry!

As you walk around the deck, listen to your audio device (loan to you as you get your ticket) and learn about the history of the buildings and landmarks observe from the Sky Park observation gallery.

I wanted to take the night view from top of the gallery but well, I do not have too much time that day to loiter. I am staying at the hotel at end of the month and will keep you guys posted of the night view.

By the way only the observation deck is opened to public, the rest of the areas like the restaurant (not open yet...until Sept) and the pools are off limits (I have taken some photos too and will post it below).

I will just put this page under places I have been.

Beyond this point, the places are strictly off limited to public.


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