Friday, September 9, 2011

Educational Tour - Marina City Gallery

I have just finish meeting at Raffles Place when I decided to take a trip down to Marina Bay MRT to take a look at the "Twin" of City Gallery at Maxwell which I have blogged about previously - The Marina City Gallery.

The gallery is situated in a double story building that seem expensive to build, however looking at the small size of the building, I am not sure how long it can hold my attention or what interesting galleries can it hold to compare with City Gallery.

Top 10 Singapore (EYEWITNESS TOP 10 TRAVEL GUIDE)Upon entering the Marina City Gallery, the first thing that draw your eyes will be the similar model seen in Maxwell City Gallery, with some differences:-

i) Marina City Gallery focuses on Marina Bay Area while Maxwell City Gallery focus on Singapore as a whole
ii) Marina City Gallery is sort of illuminated with Led lights that sort of brighten up when selected spots are being chosen on a touch panel, while Maxwell City Gallery is just a "static" model.

Apart from the above, there seem to be a temporary exhibition on different artist on the second floor and this concluded my visit to the Marina City Gallery. While inside the Gallery, I have learnt about the mist emitting structure that is supposed to cool down pedestrian as they walk between Marina Bay Sand shopping center and the Marina City Gallery and I have decided to give it a trial (I am still not sure if it worked or now).

I am torn between just listing it as a random place I have been or place it under educational tour. However, since it did showcase the history and growth of Marina Bay area and is a sustainable building and it explain the theory behind some of the structure, I will placed it as part of educational tour.

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