Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random Place I have seen - Pulau Semakau Landfill

It has been two months since I have last posted. As some of my loyal readers know, Chinese New Year (CNY) shopping tour always takes up all my time. Well now that CNY shopping season is over, I am back! As promise in my previous post, a quick write up on Pulau Semakau Landfill.

Pulau Semakau Landfill is an offshore landfill using a membrane to carve out a section of the sea using Pulau Semakau as anchor. The landfill is separated into two phase and phase one is rapidly being filled up with ashes from waste incinerators in Singapore. The landfill is planned to last till 2045 and there seem to be no official words on the plan afterwards. So please practice the 3 R - Reuse, Recycle and Reduce wastage if possible!

Currently, through application, the public is allowed to visit the island for educational purpose, tracking along the tide lines and for star gazing.

I have attended an educational trip that show us the video on the life cycle of waste and the construction of Pulau Semakau at their visitor center, follow by a visit to the waste receiving center (Since it is all ash, there is very little or no smell at all) and a tour around the different part of the island using a mini-bus.

As the Pulau Semakau is not easily accessible, I will classify it under random places I havebeen