Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Educational and Factory tour - Birdnest Factory

Most Chinese loves birdnest. But do you know China has banned total import of birdnest from all countries including Indonesia and Malaysia - two of the larger exporter of birdnest to China.

China being the largest importer of birdnest before the ban has resulted in a slump in wholesale price of birdnest and slowly the decrease in price is being pass on to retail consumer.

One of the main reason China has banned birdnest is due to its high nitrate contents which can be harmful to human health. Also, bleaching of birdnest will also in the long term harm a human body.

This factory cum scientific lab is set up with help from Singapore government to set up food safety standards in terms of bench-marking and processing of birdnest.

Visitors to this factory will get to attend a seminar on danger and benefits of birdnest, nano-technology used in cleaning of birdnest without bleaching and chemicals to dissolve feathers. In addition, you get to see CSI style how scientist test for different substances in a normal birdnest.

This tour is highly educational for both schools and public (esp if you love birdnest). At the end of the tour, feel free to buy the safest and healthiest birdnest you can find in Singapore.

I cannot take more photos within the factory as the machines are considered top-secret. So no photo-taking allow inside the factory!

Birdnest Factory is categorised under Educational Location and Factory Tour

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