Sunday, September 21, 2014

Park Tour - Tampines Eco Park

Hello dear readers!

It has been some time since I have last posted. I apologise for the delay...but blame my new baby!

I was looking for a nice park to bring my baby along to get some fresh air when I remember I have not been to Tampines Eco Park.

Set in the estate of Tampines, the park is designed to be a park within a forest. Unlike other reserve, one really seems to walk in an untouched forest. A feeling of oneness with nature, sort of a Zen feel quickly settles around you once you walk deeper into the forest.

There are several things to take note:

1) Please take at least 2 hours to slowly explore the park
2) Bring your camera phone to take nice pictures but leave nothing behind
3) Bring insect repellents. You will not be able to outrun those mosquitos “commandos”.
4) Bring umbrella.

Tampines Eco Park is categorised under Garden Location.

Tampines Ecopark is categorised under Garden Location.

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