Thursday, February 18, 2010

Garden Tours

Singapore is a garden city. Although we have no high mountains or deep valleys, this little pockets of green have over the years given us a space to relax and admire the natural fauna and flora in Singapore.

When travelling in Singapore, why not make an effort to walk through some of the gardens and parks in Singapore. There may not be as breath taking as Mt Cook in New Zealand but in Singapore after a day walk in concrete jungle, it will definitely proof as relaxing.

In this main landing site, we will bring to you gardens which we have visited. With the new Park connector Network coming up everywhere, I am sure there can be more photos soon. Kindly email me if you have them and credits will be duely given!

1) Dairy Farm Park
2) Alexandar Arc/ Hort Park
3) Seng Kang Riverwalk Fruit Park
4) Secret Pathways near Dairy Farm Park
5) Hillock Park (IPPT park)
6) Fort Canning Spice Garden
7) Woodland Waterfront
8) Jacob Ballas Children's Garden 
9) Lorong Halus Wetland


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