Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sand depositary

Sand is an important resource in Singapore. It is used in everything from making of glass to the construction of flats and casinos.

Sand on the Move - The Story of Dunes - Discusses the Different Types of Sand Dunes How They Form and Move, the Distruction They Can Cause, and the Animal and Plant Life They Support - First Edition, 1st Printing 1997However, how many of you are know that there are actually many different types of sand and many different grades for different type? Have you ever wonder where the sand in Singapore are from (it is definitely not from East Coast Park)? Have you wondered where the desert scenery in old Singapore TV shows is from?

Look no further, for I present to you Singapore sand depositary - Situated offshore from Singapore at Pulau Punggol Timor linked by a bridge.. We do not have sand quarry in Singapore, therefore, our entire sand requirement are imported. Once off-loaded the sand are stored in the sand depositary before redistribution to companies like Koh Brothers, Hong Leong Construction, HDB, etc.

In this sand depositary, a guide will introduce to you the types of sand available. In addition, you can also climb the small sand dune and admire the surrounding.

On the way out, take your weight on the huge weighing machine that calculates the weight of the sands removed by the lorries.

This tour is classified under educational tours.

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Amelia said...

hello! do you know if the sand dune tour is still available?

Eliza said...

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