Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Educational Tour - Part 6A - Marina Barrage

Hi everyone, if you can hire an accountant do it as soon as possible. Doing a back log of accounts is really boring, tiring and at times nightmarish....even if one have finance background.
Okay, enough of my grumbling.

I will contribute my part in national education by telling all my readers the history, objectives and a rough guide on how the objectives are met.


In the 1980s, Mr Lee Kuan Yew (Minister Mentor) when he was the Prime Minister of Singapore envisioned that the three rivers (If I remember correctly, Singapore River, Kallang River and Geylang River) flowing into the Marina Channel can be dam to be converted into a freshwater Reservoir. However, technology was not available at that point in time.
The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew

1) A source of fresh water(10% of Singapore fresh water requirement)

2) To control flooding in low lying areas around CBD area

3) An additional venue for water sports

How does it meets the objectives?

1) When the Channel was originally dam, the water cannot be used as it remains salty. However, over a period of ime through naturally flushing, the salt content will decrease.

2) Control of flood depend on several scenarios

A) High tide in Marina Channel, low tide in the Sea:- Barrage gate is opened to allow water to flow out.
This is automatic and makes a grand sight. But viewing depends on luck! You can increase your chances of seeing this by going to Marina Barrage during low tide.

B) High tide in Marina Channel, High tide in the Sea:- Pumps situated along side Marina Barrage are used to pump out water from Channel into the sea.

What can you do at Barrage?

1) Fly Kite in front of Singapore Skyline

2) Eat at A restaurant

3) Visit the Gallery

4) Picnic at the root top garden

5) Bring your kids along to have fun at the water fountain playground

Marina Water Barrage is categorised as part of educational tours.

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entrance to marina water barragewalkway along the barrage flood gatesfountain at Marina Water Barragegallery in marina barrage, that is a picture of some filtering membranesome of view of the inside of the galleryminature view of the water barragesubstainableSingapore water way topography under our feetmaintenance boat at one of the flood gatesview of marina bay casino from the top of Marina Water BarrageA roof top field. Large enough for flying kites


Anonymous said...

Nice write-up on the marina barrage. Very useful and detailed. How did you get these info? Anyway, there are 5 waterways which flow into marina barrage--Singapore river, kallang river, rochor canal, geylang river and stamford canal. Hope this helps.

Richard Yap said...

Yes thanks for the info with regards to the river feeding the reservoir. I gotten it somewhere in Water Barrage or Newater gallery.

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