Saturday, February 13, 2010

Educational Tour - Japanese Occupation Series - Part 3 - Changi Chapel

After signing the surrender papers at Ford Factory, the General and his staff are made to walk to the Changi Prison where they remain as POWs. You can read about the live account of one of the veterans Jack Fowler here.

This Chapel replaces the old Chapel and Museum in 2001 to allow for the expansion of the Changi Prison however, I believe a lot of the building parts are from the original Chapel.

No talking is allowed while visiting the Chapel and gallery to protect the dignity of the place. Inside the Gallery, one can observe the hardship suffered by inmates and POWs at the time. Also, one can see how they survive by making use of whatever resources they have.

As photos taking are not allowed inside the gallery, I only managed to take the Chapel itself and the surrounding.

After the somewhat depressing walk through the Chapel Gallery, it is a good time to celebrate our freedom. What better to celebrate than having a good meal at a wonderful restaurant right at the side of the Chapel

Changi Chapel has been categorised as part of educational tours.

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entrance to the Changi Chapelwalkway leading to the entrance of Changi Chapel


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