Monday, February 8, 2010

Educational Tour - Part 6 - Newater

Well the last weekend before Chinese New Year is over. This signified a time to FINALLY let my hair down.
Okay without further ado, the next post is about Newater. This will be followed by Marina Water Barrage.

Newater(link to adv from Amazon) to the uninitiated is a form of water recycles from used water - as such urine collected from your toilet. The end product is a distill water so pure that it is considered cleaner than tap water in Singapore.

In Singapore, Newater is pour back into our reservoir and then treated at normal water treatment plant before general consumption. But trust me, you can drink it on its own.

The Newater gallery seeks to educate the public on the objectives of Newater, how Singapore seeks to be self-sufficient in meeting her water demands and how Newater are made. It is a fully guided tour and booking is necessary.

This tour is categorised as part of educational tours.

If you need transportation services to visit this place, please refer to our product listing page.

You can also purchase a list of Top 40 Must Visit Places in Singapore with Sample Itineraries at the Donation/Payment Details page.

entrance to newaterguide giving a speech to school childrennewater plantUV light to kill of bacteriafine filters to filter off most bacteria and virusviewing gallery within newaternewater pipesrooftop gardenenjoying meal outside newater plant


Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I wanted to ask if we want to have a visit to the new water , roughly how much is the cost and what is the min pax to have ?

Richard Yap said...

Visitation is free no minimum required.

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