Friday, February 12, 2010

Reuseable, portable, aluminium alloy utensils (Product introduction)

Recently in Singapore, there is a case of severe food poisioning suffered by patrons eating at a food stall in a market. In our quest for better food, we must never forget basic hygiene such as washing our hands before and after meals.

However, before the food reach us, there are many sequence of events that may allow unwanted bacteria to reach us. The weakest link may just kill us.
One of the link is the utensils we use.

All of us have seen how spoons, forks and chopsticks are dumped into a large pail of soup water and are just given a quick rinse before giving to consumers to use. I am not sure how you guys felt about it, but I am sure even without any bacteria, there will still be soap solution sticking on it.

To prevent us from drinking soap soup, it is advisable (esp in new eateries) to use your own utensils. A year, I have come across a nice set of utensils going at dirt cheap price. The set consist of a bag + chop sticks + fork + spoon. Being make of aluminium alloy (similar to air craft body) the utensils will not rust and are very light(will not add weigh to your luggage).

Product detailsA) utensil set : - Consist of a bag which contains chopsticks, fork and spoon
B) Unique value:- Light weight + tough strength + stainless
C) Cost :- $3 dollars per set.
D) Purchase policy:-
1) Local delivery:- Due to the low cost of the items, only purchase of > 6 sets will be delivered. Else a delivery charge of $15 dollars is applicable. DO NOT use the paypal button. Contact us at for booking.
2) Oversea delivery:- Depend on prevailing oversea delivery charge and urgency of delivery. You will be advised of the total charges involved. Contact us at to finalise charges. In addition, payment by paypal in advance is required.

All payments will be supported by offical receipts and invoices can be furnished if necessary.

This product is listed under product for sales.


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