Thursday, February 18, 2010

Farm/Nursery Tours

Unknown to many (both Singaporeans and otherwise), Singapore has a rich and booming farming culture. Alot of the farms are not opened for visiting, but enough are.

In this section, I will present to you the farms I have visited and what you can do there. If nothing else the rural area the farms situated at will give you a nice break from the omnipresent concrete jungle. Just sit back and listen to the sound of the birds and insects and see the Sun light filter through the leaves of the trees.

BTW, alot of the farms visit at educational in nature, so please do not be shocked to find some similar links over at the educational tour landing page.

1)   Wheat and Mushroom farm(Kin Yan)
2)   Vegetable wholesale in a farm (Kok Fah Technological Farm)
3)   Sing See Soon Flower Nursery
4)   Orchid Farm (Orchidville)
5)   Kelong Tour
6)   Animal Resort
7)   Mushroom farm:- Mycofarm
8)   Farmart
9)   Bollywood Veggies
10) Dragon Fruit Farm
11) Hay Diary
12) 181 Seafood
13) Hydroponics Vegetable Farm
14 Prawn Fishing
15) Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

If you are aware of any new/interesting farms. Please inform us through the comments below. If you have photos of such places, you can also send in to us (Please ensure you have the rights to the photos). Acknowledgment will be posted.


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