Thursday, April 29, 2010

181 Seafood

This place is quite crude to my taste. This is a live seafood center. Whatever seafood that fancy you are purchase as fresh as you can imagine (fresher than NTUC). The seafood is slaughtered live before your very eyes.

The fishes or frogs are mostly hammered to death before being slice and skin (or vice versa). This place is full of blood and gore. I have visited it when I am a small kid. 10 Years later the image is still retained. Unfortunately (Fortunately to some), nothing has changed 10 years on.

Apart from viewing life eels, groupers and the aunty hammering skill, witness how a few thousands frogs live together and their stuggle to get out. Either physically by building a living ramp or by having sex constantly...

This place will be placed as part of Farm Tour

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