Sunday, April 11, 2010

Educational Tour - Chinese Heritage @ NTU

I am a Chinese. I am a Singaporean. Have you guys ever wondered how a Chinese who is a migrant from China lives his/her live in the 1890s to 1940s? Have you ever wonder what happen to the rest of the Chinese that migrant to Philippines, USA or even Africa? A decision make by your ancestor at that point in time decide whether you are a Singaporean, US citizens or Africans!

Visit NTU Chinese Heritage center to find answers to all the questions above. See how some of the famous Chinese shape our current history. This includes Mr Lee Kuen Yew, Haw Par brothers, Mr Sun Yat Sen and many others who have made their mark in their chosen profession.

While you are there, also visit the NTU gallery. This gallery highlights the timeline of how NTU was first founded all the way until now. If you are an Alma matter of the University, you will definitely enjoy this. For me, I was once a resident of Hall 2. One of the oldest halls in NTU! Hall Two ROCKS!

This tour will be classified under Educational Tours.

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