Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Factory Tour :- Thow Yen Bao

Thow Yen Bao is a "bao" (or bun) manufacturer in Singapore. One of the first things to WOW you is that you will never get to see so many "bao" gather in one place.

Inside the factory, you can purchase either hot or cold bao (both bao are already cooked..). Cold “bao” is suitable for steaming at home while hot “bao” is for immediate consumption.

Now, there is all kind of fillings for the “bao”. It ranges from red bean, vegetable, pork meat, chicken meat to sweet corn filling. So just take your pick or ask the staff to each one take one!

Apart from "bao", they also manufactured "siew Mai", "loh mai kai" and some other food stuffs. If the boss is in a good mood, he may even allow you to tour his factory (it really depend on mood...sometimes yes, sometimes no...). Regardless of the outcome, no photographs are allowed to be taken (this explain my blurry images which the boss ask me to quickly take before others also take).

This trip will be classified as part of either Factory Tours or Warehouse Tours. Which one is applicable will depend on the Bao boss mood!

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