Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blog Updates

Hi all,

This blog will be undergoing a quick and short revamp. Everything that is already here will still be here. Navigation pages will still be the same. What is new is that we will be providing for details and words to help users with non-image based browser to understand the places we are introducing.

It may be a shock to Singaporeans, but many users out there are still dependent on non-image based browser due to the lack of broadband connection which we have already taken for granted.

So after receiving alot of complains about this issue, we have decided to take some time to at the same to provide more information where possible at the various post.

As there are now more than 100 posts and I am not a full time blogger it may take more than a week. However, do come back from time to time as new post will be provided when I need to take a break in redoing old post (quite tiring job actually...)

This Post will be deleted once this revamp is completed and will not be classified anywhere.


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