Thursday, May 17, 2012

Educational Tour - Reflection at Bukit Chandu

National Day is fast approaching. It is now a good time for one to reflect on how difficult it was to achieve our current peaceful and safe society. It is won by the blood and tears of many unsung heroes and heroines. There is not a better place to think after them then at Bukit Chandu.

Bukit Chandu is one of the most fiercely defended fort in Singapore during War World II. The defense by the Malay regiment was so fierce that when it was finally taken by the Japanese, they murder everyone in the nearby Alexander Hospital due to anger.

In Bukit Chandu, you get to see 3 high tech movies. The first movie is about the movement of the Japanese Soldiers from Johor down towards Bukit Chandu. The second movie is about the battle at Bukit Chandu itself. The last movie allows you to experience the life of a Malay village just before and after a bombing raid.

In additions to the movies, you get to see exhibits on the various weapons and equipment used in the battle of Bukit Chandu.

After the visit to the Museum, you can have a nice tree top walk around the forest surrounding Bukit Chandu towards either NUS or Mt Faber to reflect on the price of peace.

Reflection at Bukit Chandu is categorised under Educational Location.

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