Thursday, February 18, 2010

Educational Tour

Places listed here are suitable for both Adults and Children. We are a strong advocate of life long earning and we believe that it is through exposure and seeing new things can we continue to fire our curiosity.

For Children, as quoted from a paragraph in early childhood curriculum written by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Singapore Senior Minister of Trade and Industry and Education

"The child who has his curiosity ignited in his early years, who develops an excitement about learning and interacts easily with others, will have a headstart in life. Let’s give every child a headstart."

We hope that this blog can achieve this lofty objectives.

Alot of factory tours venues will also appear in this educational tours section as factory tours usually come with guides. So feel free to follow the links below and see what interest you!

For locations with a (worksheets) hyperlink, it means that worksheets are available for download. Be patient, the number of locations with worksheets will increase over time. It is a time consuming process to write and cross-checked the answer.

1)   Pizza Hut Kitchen Tour
2)   Mushroom Farm Tour:- Mycofarm
3)   Fire Station Tour
4)   Fire Station Heritage Tour
5)   Haw Par Villa
6)   Newater
7)   Marina Barrage
8)   Japanese Occupation Series - Part 1 - Battle Box
9)   Japanese Occupation Series - Part 2 - Ford Factory
10) Japanese Occupation Series - Part 3 - Changi Chapel
11) Kelong Tour
12) Wheat and Mushroom farm:-Kin Yan
13) Ointment and Balm factory:- Fei Fah
14) Chee Cheong Fun Factory Tour:- Leong Chai Kee
15) Sand Quarry
16) Land Transport Authority (LTA) Gallery
17) Air Force Museum
18) Yakult Factory
19) Gardenia Factory
20) Hay Dairy
21) NTU Chinese Heritage Center
22) HDB Gallery
23) Youth Olympics Learning Center
24) Sime Darby Cooking Oil
25) Hydroponics Vegetable Farm Tour
26) Singapore City Gallery
27) Science Center Kitchen Lab
28) OpenNet Gallery
29) Philatelic Museum
30) Theory and practical of Traditional Chinese Medicine
31) Radio Station Visit
32) Gems and Jade Factory
33) Chinese Opera Museum
34) Birdnest Warehouse
35) Crocodile Farm
36) Grass Jelly Factory
37) NUS Museum
38) ArtScience Museum
39) Lorong Halus Wetland
40) Bio Diesel Recycling Plant
41) Alexandra Canal
42) Tiger Beer Brewery
43) Ion Sky
44) Malay Curry Puff


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