Saturday, December 25, 2010

Educational Tour - NUS Museum

Merry Christmas Folks! All of you must be thinking I will put up a place suitable for CNY shopping. Nope, not this time round, did that last year and I am afraid nothing much has changed! If you guys are really looking just for it, some old links to those CNY places can be found here.

As a NTU alumnus I am familiar with the Nanyang Heritage center and has introduced many local and foreign visitors there. However, my wife feel quite indignant that I failed to mention NUS Museum which she felt is way better than NTU. Recently, while selling to one of their staff that purchase my forks and spoon sets for their christmas party free gift, I make a small detour to visit the Museum and it really blows me away.

A quick intro of the Museum - It consists of several galleries such as Lee Kong Chian, photo, Malay Guru, South East Asian porcelain and specimen gallery.

For me, I love the collection of porcelain, glazed ware and old archaeological digs. One could spend hours reading on the history of those wares and admire their workmanship. Others may find their collection of specimen in situ interesting...I do not find it so.

Well some photos to capture your interest below.

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Entrance to Paint Gallery. It explores the concept of what does paint and painting entails
Some of the exhibitions are temporary loan by some of the notaries in Singapore

Exhibitions that showcase life of a Malay Guru
A mess of broken pieces of porcelain..seem quite artistic
A treasure trove of uncategorised items
A frog eating some lizard
Specimen of fish


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