Monday, December 13, 2010

Farm Tour - Mainland Tropical FIsh Farm

"Long Kang" (Drains in Chinese Dialect) is synonymous with fun for a lot of Singapore senior citizens. I have often heard stories of them jumping into Long Kang for swimming, playing or catching fish. Nowadays, very seldom do we see kids given the opportunities to do so. Mainland Fish farm offers a wonderful venue for senior citizens to satisfy their nostalgia and kids to experience what they have been missing all along.

At Mainland with a small amount of money, you get to enjoy fish spa, fish feeding or prawn fishing. A good and cheap way to spend time with families and friends!

The atmosphere at Mainland is so peaceful that a lot of time while sitting on their swing listening to the sound of the ducks, hens and water, I felt asleep.

This location will be placed as part of farm tour.
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Long Kang Fishing

Fish Feeding

Pond for fish spa


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