Monday, March 23, 2015

Postpone and cancel of tours till 30 March 2015

With great sadness, all Singaporean, myself included heard the news that Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore founding Prime Minister has passed away.

As a mark of respect, all local tours will be postponed or cancelled if necessary till 30 March 2015.

We regret for any inconvenient caused.

On a personal note, Mr Lee has my utmost respect in truely giving up his life for Singapore as the welfare and survival of Singapore was his true passion.

Thinking out loud about myself, if I earned a few millions per year, after 2 years I would retire somewhere with rolling mountains and beautiful streams. Certainly not staying in Singapore and care about the harm of chewing gum or reproductive rate of the people. The fact that he cared speak volumes of his interest in Singapore as a whole and thus the welfare of everyone that call this rock home.

To make sure the society Mr Lee had used his live to build for us remain vibrant, prosperous, strong and free we must continue to ensure the fundamental value of equal chances for all races, religious in moving on in life, but at the same time giving each ample space to practice their own way of life. We need to continue to research new grounds for growth and development, new way of thinking ahead of other nations to stay relevant cos our margin of error remain very slim despite 50 years of progress.

However this is no longer Mr Lee problem, let the new generation take up the burden and come what may.

Rest in Peace Mr Lee for you deserve it.