Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Garden Tour - My Waterway @ Punggol

It has been a while since I have touched the blog. I have been busy setting up a system for a new venture. Hopefully, I can push out 2 related blog entries - both Garden Tour - My Waterway @ Punggol (this entries) and Punggol Promenade and a blog entry that lists the CNY must visit warehouses and factories before my Subaru Challenge on 29 Oct.

My Waterway @ Punggol entrance is situated beside the intersection of Punggol Drive and Punggol Road. To be frank, I am not sure just how huge the place is.

I spend 30 minutes walking from Punggol Park to the Waterway, followed by about one hour to explore and walk to Lor Halus wetland Reserve. Finally, you can be up close and personal to the barrage across Sungei Serangoon I have talked about in the entry on Lor Halus Wetland Reserve.

Within the Waterway @ Punggol, three things interest me

1) The huge empty land that connect with the sky (hard to find in Singapore)

2) The stick bridge that link both side of the artificial river

3) A section of old Punggol Road with her Wall of knowledge talking about the type of flora and fauna found there in the past and present.

If you continue along the Waterway @ Punggol, you will come to the other side of the Lor Halus Wetland Reserve and the reservoir. I sat there along the river slope listening to the waves against the strong and stare at the sky while enjoying the constant blow of the wind. I cannot describe the immense feeling of peace I have felt. You need to be there to feel it.

Continue walking for maybe an hour, you will reach Punggol Promenade. I shall not elaborate here as it will be the topic of my next blog. By the way, while at the Punggol Promenade, I saw the submarine recently purchase by the Navy and I have taken pictures of it and will post it. If anyone or government find it offensive, do tell and I will remove it.

This location will be placed as part of Garden Tour.

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View from Surrounding HDB flats..Can I buy?

View from Surrounding HDB flats..another view

Entrance to My Waterway @ Punggol

The iconic Slited Bridge

To those born after 1980s, ask your parents about it

Roadmap of My waterway

Clear view of Sky and land Part 1

Clear view of Sky and land Part 2

Clear view of Sky and land Part 3

Good luck if you are on foot...a nearly an hour walk to Punggol Promenade

Sungei Serangoon Reservoir barrage as seen in Lor Halus previously

This is the sea the barrage above is trying to prevent the fresh water from the river from flowing into