Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Garden and Educational Tour - Lorong Halus Wetland

Recently, our government has opened a new garden in Lorong Halus. It being where my old sand depository was, I paid it a visit as soon as possible. Boy was it good!

The drive from TPE (Tampines Express Way) into Lor. Halus is fantastic. Nice tree covered road that suddenly break into wide open sky and field, it totally feel like some other countries countryside in summer time.

I have cateogrised a park under both garden and educational category for the first time because I have learnt quite a bit from Lor. Halus wetland. The purpose of the wetland is to provide additional fresh water to our reservoir. However, Lor. Halus was a landfill until a decade ago. So how do we prevent pollutants from flowing into our reservoir and rivers? Lor. Halus wetland provides the answer.

The procedure is wonderful and has trial in countries like China Beijing during the Olympic Games. It is actually using plants ability to extract nutrients from the soil (example nitrates) which is considered a form of pollutants in our drinking water (seem like hydroponics technology).

At Lor. Halus wetland you can see a huge area of farm-like paddy field (it is not), ponds and may other features that are essential to this water purification process. There are amble sign boards along the way to explain concisely their purpose.

After the walk, you can cross the bridge to Punggol area where restaurants have been set up for you to enjoy a nice meal!

I think the night view will be fantastic too! I will post it once I have the time to visit at night!

This location will be classified under both Garden and Education categories.

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Update:- The bridge can now link to My Waterway @ Punggol.
View when driving in
Sudden clear expanse of land (old landfill)
Signboard telling you that you have arrived
History and development of Lorong Halus Wetland
Bridge across to Punggol
View of the river on the bridge
Walk along the river
Caught in the rain view
Educational signboard all around the wetland
Papyrus plant...I think
A whole field of them
Place to eat and relax
Place to eat and relax


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