About Me

Hi guys. My name is Richard Yap, CPA. I am known as the crazy dude that has left a stable job as an auditor in one of the "Big 4" firms to join the wild wild world of being an entrepreneur.

With an wide interest (does this equal to master of none, I wonder?) I have stuck a finger into many pies. My business interest/hats I am wearing are

1) Transportation and Logistic (Long Tian)

3) Wholesaler and redistributor for some preserve fruits

4) Accountant/Auditor (Arriskeep LLP)

5) Business Turn around specialist (Look for me way before you need to drink tea with the bankers)

6) Tour consultant (Singapore only I am afraid.)

5) Blogger (well you are looking at my effort now. Do help the blog to improve by giving some comments)

7) Forex Trader (Strictly for leisure purpurse-No tips)

8) Mum administrator (You don't want to know)

9) Finance consultant (mainly to my various customers who need help)

10) Hobby programmer (on a web project I am building up on)

11) Author for Maths Textbook (You can buy the book from this link.)

12) Sand importer (My depository allows visitor on Sunday only for safety reasons. You can see the post here.  )

13) Feng Shui Reviewer (New) - For Friends Only

I am sure there are more...