Monday, January 1, 2018

Shopping Tour - Crocodile and ointment shop

Happy New Year everyone! - Again it has been a long while. With a newborn and toddler, even switching on my computer is a luxury.

With the advance of age...and more likely due to the joy of having matching up to one live energizer bunny and being house maid to the newest princess twenty four hours per day, ache and pain has started to set in all over my body. It is with good luck that I have discovered this wonder place that sell various ointment near Outram MRT.

The boss will also willingly give a talk on the process of making some of the ointment, some of their uses and even some of the history around the area.

This location will be classified under warehouse series.

If you need transportation services to visit this place, please refer to our product listing page.

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