Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Warehouse Tour - Halal warehouse

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! It has been a fruitful new year - no pun intended -with our new Baby girl. See her photo below!!

This post, I am going to introduce a new up and coming exposure warehouse that help manufacturers (All Halal certified) all over the world to display their products.

Their range of product include but not limited to the following

1) Drinks - All sort
2) Snacks - including tibits, chocolates - All sort
3) Frozen Food - Like "Low Mai Kai"
4) Dried Mees - Instant noodles
5) Nuts related product
6) Ice cream
7) Soya Sauce and other sauces related product.

The product sold are generally cheaper than our normal hypermarkets and may not be easily found outside. The warehouse is also very generous with its sampling too!

A must go to stock up for the New Year and Chinese New Year!

See some of the photo below!

This location will be classified under warehouse series.

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