Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Places I have been - Demsey Hill

Hi guys Happy New Year. Now the next place (Demsey Hill) I am going to blog about does not meet my blog objective, therefore, it will be classified as random places I have been to. However, I really like the atmosphere around this place and feel that you guys can have an enjoyable time there too!

Dempsey Hill from what I can gather was a old military place that has seen been converted to a place where people can have a meal within a place that is quite well..arty.

In the hill you can find all sorts of art related industries ...from art galleries to wood workshop to sculpture workshop to furniture display room to artistic pedicure workshop. Even the water fountain is a work of art!

While I was there, I dine at the House followed by a coffee at Dome and laze away the afternoon while waiting for the rain to stop. I am not food critic but well, it is good. Purchase some salts at Jones Grocery and spend some minutes admiring arts (costing at least $10k) hanging on the various galleries. I have already decided to be an artist once I can design...I am good at abstract art.

Well take a look at some of the pictures I have taken. Oh if I offended anyone because of the copyright of art piece or nature of the picture do email me at and I will remove it immediately.

This place will be classified as part of places I have been to.


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