Monday, January 31, 2011

Garden Tours :- Woodland waterfront

Finally the Chinese New Year has arrived. Hope you guys have made your CNY purchases by now! I am involved in an accident today and in this joyous CNY occasion and in a spirit of sharing, allow me to give you my HOT 4D of the day...2913 haha HUAT ARH (to my non-Singaporean readers, Huat ARH means get rich).

After the Chinese New Year feast, it is my pleasure to introduce to a newly opened garden - Woodland Waterfront. The back drop of the waterfront is the skyline of Johor facing Singapore and the Causeway. Talk about peeping into our neighbor backyard!

Visit the waterfront around 7am to 9 am and enjoy the morning breeze before the sun shine over your head. Else, visit in the evening and have a nice picnic on top of the Jetty. The water around the jetty is also quit rich with marine life - visible sightings include crabs, fish, Jelly fish and even Sotong!

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