Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on Sengkang Rivertop walk - Sengkang Floating Wetland

I will need to visit more garden to walk off my excess fats courtesy of my heavy Chinese New Year indulgence, hence more garden tour.

This is more of an update to my past post. The actual river top walk that make it the river top walk garden has finally opened two months ago!

Walk on top of mashes and see the beautiful flora and fauna that are thriving at Sengkang Floating wetlland.  Admire the beautiful colour and sound of nature – From the beautiful flowers to the strikingly coloured birds!

Another nice innovation is that the walk is actually floating and not fixed to the river bed! This allows fishes to swim unhindered and allow a closer encounters with the wildlife as the bridge can be built low, otherwise it must be high enough to take into account the changing tides to prevent flooding!

This tour will be classified as part of garden tour .

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Entrance to the river top walk

One of the numerous board along the way

The anchor that prevent the walk from floating away

Floating boxes that the walk is built on

Close up view of swamps flora

view of river top walk

Cat Tail Plant

Artificial islands

View of the wet land

Some place to sit???


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