Saturday, January 2, 2010

Garden Tour Series 3 part (A break from CNY series) - Part 3 - Seng Kang Riverwalk Fruit Park

Seng Kang Riverwalk Fruit Park

The last of the Garden Series for January will be Seng Kang Riverwalk Park. This is a public garden accessible by all for all. Many people confused it with fruit farm. It is not.

A) What can I see in the garden?

Fruit Trees!

The fruits tree found in the garden include Banana, Guava, Jackfruit, Soursoup, Sapodilla(Ciku), Star fruit, Lime, Lemon, Bread fruit, Jambu, Salak (Snake Fruit) and Custard apple.

In additional to trees, there are two bridges that connect the park to the SengKang Sport Complex area.

B) Is it easy to walk in the garden?
Canvas Print, Sapodilla Tree - 24 x 36
Yes, the path are either pave with tar or fine stone.

C) How long do I need to spend in the garden?

At least 45 minutes.

Sengkang Riverwalk Park is part of the Garden Tours series.

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Above: Paranormic view of the garden
Above: Banana flower
Above: Bread fruit tree
Above: Custard Apple plant with fruit
Above: Chiku I belived
Above: Flowers of Star Fruit
Below: Baby Star Fruit
Above: Bulb of Soursoup (Thats my hand btw)
Below: Baby Soursoup
Above: Jambu tree with fruits
Below: Lime plant
Address: Anchorvale Street / Sungei Punggol
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