Friday, January 22, 2010

Chinese New Year Part 12 - "Fa Gao" 发糕

There is no way to translate this into English. A direct translation is get rich cake. This cake is commonly found in Taoist Altar as an offering to the gods. During Chinese New Year, it is also frequently steam and eaten hot. In the factory, we can observe that the cake is made from rice flour + colourings + sugar + yeast before it is steam.

The making of the cake has been around for more than 600 hundred years and is a popular commoner food in Ming Dynasty China. Being easy to make, nutritious and having a good name (get rich quickly) it is love by the Chinese of all ages...even now.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take photo of the mixing and baking process. If you guys are interested, keep a tab on this post as we BEG the boss to allow us entries. To those who are just interested in purchase, well you can and it is way cheaper than those sold outside (in line with this blog objective!).

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