Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chinese New Year - Part 10 - Sing See Soon Flower Nursery

Now, earlier on at part 5 of the Chinese New Year series, we have introduced an orchid farm (Orchiville), now we are going to introduce fresh flower nursery for you guys to enjoy (either for Chinese New year or to buy some beautiful flowers to surprise your girlfriends/wife - the pural and singular usage is on purpose haha).

Okay, my vocabulary on flower can be counted with one hand, so if you are kind enough, please do help me identify the flowers in the picture below!

Sing See Soon Flower Nursery is classified as part of Farm/Nursery Tours.

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suraj patidar said...

That is very cool and great So I have Watermelon seeds and I planted in My farm garden and injoy the beauties of plants.

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