Friday, January 1, 2010

Chinese New Year Part 5 - Orchidville - Will be gone by Sept 2012

Orchid places an important role in Singapore. Apart from being our national flower (Vanda Miss Joaquim), it is a common diplomatic gifts to visiting foreign guests (those flower hooks that are throw over the head of important visitors).

Orchidville is one of the largest orchid farm in Singapore (According to its website, it has over 2 million type of species in the farm).

Species found here include Dendrobium Sonia Red, Dendrobium Miss Japan and Vand Hybrids.

Long Stem Red Sonia Dendrobium Orchid FlowersSituated in Mandai near the Zoological garden, you could enjoy a good meal in their restaurant which is theme after the tropical rainforest. After which you could take a short bus ride to the zoo and enjoy one of the best attraction in Singapore.

This tour is classified as part of farm tours.

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entrance to Orchidville
Orchid - golden shower
rows of young orchid growing
rows of young orchid growing
Picture of a nice orchid
Picture of a bookshop within Orchidville
Picture of resturant within Orchidville
Picture of orchid name dancing lady
Picture of orchid
rows of orchid for sale