Sunday, January 17, 2010

Educational Tour - Part 3 - Fire Station Tour

Have you ever dream of visiting a fire station? Play with the different gadgets that the firemen use to fight fire. Better still; try out some of the gadgets! (Come on, we all like to play with water...and fire right?). Well it is now possible.

Every Saturday morning, fire station all around Singapore are opened for visits. Not all though and booking is required.

At the fire station, a fully guided tour will be given.

During the tour, participants are given the opportunity to try out equipment for activities such as fighting forest fire using special water gun, fight normal fire using normal spray head (can change the spray from wide to far…something like our house spray head), sitting on a fire fighting truck and rapid response vehicles.

Other activities include learning how fire men slide down the fire man pole and introduce to the different types of techniques used to slide down a pole from the dormitory.

In general the difference lies in the way the legs are hooked to the pole. I cannot explain clearly here. Except that Singapore techniques offer greater control in stopping while American technique means a non-stoppable slide from start to finish.

At the end of the tour, kids get to get free gifts such as raincoat or water bottle (Choose one only).

This tour is categorised under educational tours.

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ground deck of firestation
dormitory of fireman
one of those fast response vehicles
offical giving us the prep talk
special hose gun for fighting forest fire
child testing the normal horse used by firemen world wide
stimulate using a hydraulic wrench to open a gate
famous fireman ladder
visitors posting on fast response vehicles
inide view of fireman truck
singapore style of getting down fireman pole
american style of getting down fireman pole
ever wonder where the pole lead to?


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Is it possible to have it during the weekday?

Richard Yap said...

AS far as I for now

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