Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Educational Tour - Part 4 - Fire Station Heritage Tour

Everything has a history; there is always a start (and end). Fire Station Heritage Tour introduces to the public the beginning of Singapore Civil Defense.

Fire Station Heritage Tour is a fully guided tour where the station master will narrates the beginning of the volunteer fire fighting corps all the way to the current Civil defense organization structure.

With the Fire Station Heritage, we can view and touch replicas of the fire fighting engines used in the bygones days. This include man-powered fire engines (the engines were pulled by hands), horse powered and steam powered engines.

The guide will show us the use of animals (dogs) in aiding us when looking for survivals in collapse buildings, using special mobile tents to clean chemical contamination and how to detect life under concrete using some electronics equipments.

Kids can also make pencil sketch mark of fire station, take photos in fireman clothing and participates in chemical spill exercise.

This tour is categorised as educational tours.

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front view of fire station heritage
posting with our guide
inside view of the fire station heritage
inside view of the fire station heritage
inside view of the fire station heritage
inside view of the fire station heritage
old steam operated fire engine
fireman ladder
another older model of fireman engine

staircase to second floor gallery
kids sketching imprints of fire station heritage
model of fireman cutting through debris

container for handling and cleaning chemical contamination
fireman with search dog model


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