Friday, January 8, 2010

Chinese New Year - Part 9 - Fei Fah Ointment and Balm

Okay guys; feel like there is an electric saw in your muscle when you move your arms, fingers, toe or back? Suffering from nose block, arching muscle (from carrying so many boxes of New Year Goodies) or headache?

Let me introduce, Fei Fah Ointment and Balm Company. Fei Fah has been operating in Singapore since the 60s, producing medicated balm and oil in their retail shops. Their main product, electric balm (green color bottle) was so popular that they have decided to close their retail shop and do solely wholesale business (of course a little sideline from direct selling at their factory will not hurt).

Apart from the balm, they also sell teas that are supposed to prevent or at least lower to risk of diabetics. (You could also try our Antidiabetic Herbal Tea?) Hear from the man himself when you are there! At the end of the video show, there is a free massage using their products followed by lucky draw.

If you are lucky at the end of the presentation and lucky draw, you may be able to witness the production lines at work. Witness how the waxes are heated and melt before bottling and labeling. See the photos below!

This tour will be classified as both educational tours and factory tours.

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visitors waiting for the boss to present his speech
samples of mushroom for you to test
Fei Fah boss giving free massage
machine to bottle the ointment
conveyor belts to allow the ointment to cool down
samples of goat milk and Soya bean product
Booking is required. Please contact Richard Yap for details