Saturday, January 2, 2010

Garden Tour Series 3 part (A break from CNY series) - Part 2 Alexandar Arc/ Hort Park

Alexandar Arc/Hort park

Landscape ArchitectureHort Park is a concept park design and built by interest groups such as garden designers, landscapers and garden piping and pump companies to promote their designs and products.

A) What can one see in Hort Park?

Inside you will see different themes design by those companies to show off their capabilities and products.

Examples are, Japanese design garden, home farming, spice garden, pond design technology and plant sculpturing.

In additional there are several lock green house that will only open if you sign up for their guided tours (which is quite expensive to me at least).

Within the park there is also a restaurant that seem just so romantic to dine at during Sunset.

B) Is it a difficult walk?

It is not a difficult walk at all. Every path is either concrete or designed walkway.

C) How much time do I need to set aside to visit Hort Park?

This is very subjective. At the minimum, I will recommend 60 mins.

I will do a write up on Alexandar arc after the photos on Hort park as they are connected. In fact, you could park your car at Hort Park to access Alexandar Arc.

Alexandar Arc and Hort park is part of Garden Tours series.

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Below: Meal over the sunset (Seem abit hot=p)
Below: The greenhouse stimulates temperature and glowing conditions at different altitude

Alexandar Arc

A) What can one see in Hort Park?
Alexandar Arc is a bridge that connect Hort Park with Alexandar treetop walk. Try ot visit the Arc or drive below the arc at night as it is specially lighted up with different lights bulbs that make it a visual treat at night.
However go during the day to visit the treetop walk which is far longer than Jelutong Tree Top walk.

At the end of the walk, drop by the old colonial style building which house a nice canteen with very good chinese food (Taste their Tou Fu, it is very nice!). After the dinner you could either retrace your steps, or take a bus back to Hort Park carpark.

B) Is it a difficult walk?
In general the metal platform is gentle in slope. If there are staircases, there will also be ramp to go to the upper level.

C) How much time do I need to allocate?
At a bare minimum you need to allocate 45 mins to the walk

Above: What you are suppose to see at night.
Below: The metal walkway that enable you to walk near the tree top.
Above: The walkway is not just for humans, monkeys make use of them too
Above: Going to upper level, ramps are available too
Below: Beautiful sunset over the walkway.

Booking: Not required unless taking guided tour.