Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chinese New Year Part 11 - 香味 (Fragrance Roasted Pork)

As the all important Chinese New Year dawn upon us, hope all of you have started taking leave to clear your house, stock up on the non-perishable and clear your fridge for the perishable.

To any foreign tourists looking at this blog, a word of advice is to avoid coming to Singapore on the first two day of Lunar New Year + the eve. If I am not wrong...too lazy to check calendar, the relevant date is from 13 Feb to 16 Feb. why? You may ask.

As Chinese is the majority here (>75% of the population) a lot of us will not be working during the above-mentioned period. Come after 17 Feb and you will still get to enjoy the festival…with the crowd.

However, if you are already here, time to move on to the next destination of Chinese New Year shopping, the famous Roasted Pork warehouse or more popularly known as "Bak Kwa".

I am sure many of you heard of Fragrance “Bak Kwa” or 香味. What you may not know is that it sells all kind of tidbits popular during Chinese New Year. Take a look!

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