Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chinese New Year Part 16 - Camel Nuts company

I am sorry for the delay. As Chinese New Year approaches, weekends are practically a goner to me. Well, without further ado, allow me to try and make up to my loyal readers.

The next place is the Camel Nuts Company. Basically they sell all sorts of Nuts related tidbits from Walnuts, to peanuts to groundnuts.

It is opened only during Chinese New Year and Malay New Year. So see the picture below to ensure you get what you want!

Camel Nuts Company is classified as part of the Warehouse Tours series.

If you need transportation services to visit this place, please refer to our product listing page.

You can also purchase a list of Top 40 Must Visit Places in Singapore with Sample Itineraries at the Donation/Payment Details page.

Address: 127, Defu Lane 10
Booking is not required. Available during CNY only


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