Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chinese New Year Part 6 - Otah and Curry Puff/Soon Kueh

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Okay after the walk in the garden, it is time for more food! What shall we try now, how about some local food enjoy by most Singaporeans. I am going to introduce an otah factory (Lee Wee Brothers) and "Soon kueh"/curry puff factory (My Genie Gourmet) (side by side neighbors).

Situated in a private estate zone in Hougang, the whiff of BBQ otah will be detected long before you even see the shop.

Purchase the fresh and hot otah (made a few minutes ago) and eat it in the rustic surrounding. Else, try the puffing hot curry puff while having some coffee!

Learn how the Otah are made. Taste different sample of Otahs before making your purchase!

Walk over to the other end of the row of shop house to buy some curry puff. Observe how the aunties fold and insert the fillings into the dough with their nimble hands.

For those with kids or elderly, buy a box of "Soon Kueh" for supper to complete the day.

Take a look at the otah making process below.

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Above: Otah paste and Banana leaves
Below: The boss giving a 15 mins intro to tourists about his otah factory
Below: All the "parts" that make up an Otah
Above: Freshly baked Otah ready for eating!
Above: Otah paste...don't think too much about it.
Above: Business must be good...

Visit the Soon Kueh Shop cum factory while touring the otah factory !

Above: "Beng Guah" are all hand made. so is the curry puff below

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