Monday, January 11, 2010

10 Things a participant can do to enjoy a tour

On a coach with 40 + participants one can always detect a few participants who are not enjoying the tour. It is the organizer job to ensure the trip is able to achieve the objective of the tour be it educational, entertainment or shopping. The organizer can only do so much.

There are things a participant can do either emotionally or physically to help them have a pleasant journey. We cannot change what happen to us, but we can be prepared for change and control our emotions and thoughts.

Things participants can do:-

1) Please do understand regardless of why you join the tour, you wanted to have fun and be happy.

2) Please understand what kind of tour is it, education or fun or farm tour.

3) Read through the itinerary to ensure that there are NO place you do not want to go on the list.

4) If this is a shopping trip please do bring enough cash and whenever possible use ATM/Credit cards. Some shops accept cash only.

5) On a bus, please do listen to the driver and make him happy as your life depends on him.

6) If you are buying frozen product, please bring along your Styrofoam box.

7) Please bring along hooks to hook the plastic bags against the front seat.

8) Please do help out each other. We are in the same boat. If there is a delay, all is delay.

9) Please do bring along water, sun screen and hat if there are a lot of out-door activities.

10) Please do understand regardless of why you join the tour, you wanted to have fun and be happy

I am sure there are many more things participants can do to enjoy. Feel free to email me or drop some comments! It will be added to the list and credits given.

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