Friday, December 25, 2009

5 do and don't of arranging a successful local tour itinerary

Today is Christmas, I thought we should take a break from introducing new locations. Instead, I will be introducing to you guys the 5 DOs and 5 DON'Ts when organising local tours in Singapore (for that matter anywhere in the world for some of the points).


1)DO understand the objective of the tour. Is the tour an educational tour, business tour or shopping tour? Understanding the purpose of the tour will ensure you will not go off topic and disappoint all your particpants. This point can be obvious, but it cannot be stressed enough.

2) DO state upfront or imposed a limit on the number of particpants. This is important because the number of particpants will determine how many vehicles and type of vehicles are required to transport the tourist. It will also determine how many guides (if any are required). Lastly some of the locations you are visiting may imposed on the number of visitors one can visit at any one time.

3) DO understand the type of particpants that are joining the tour. In Singapore, where we live in a multi-racial society, it is of upmost relevance. For example, we need to be aware of any diet restriction (Halal, vegetarian, prefered mode of communication and any movement aids required).

4) DO know the age group composition of the particpants. Are there alot of kids, senior citizens or is it a mix group? Are the participants together with families or friends? This enable us to communicate in advance to the vendors the type of customers they are expecting. It also help us to assign helpers to folks who are alone to ensure that nobody get lost.

5) DO book in advance the venues and vehicles required to prevent disappointment. Nothing can be worsed then going to a venue and see that the metal gates are shut!


1) Don't forget to count the number of particpants when you are moving off from one location to the next.

2) Don't go to busy shopping centers if you can help it, especially, if there are alot of senior citizens in the group

3) Don't allow particpants to go off on their own without telling the organiser or person-in-charge. For that matter, DON'T forget to count the number of particpants before setting off from a venue.

4) Don't allow senior citizen or young children to go off on their own. Also ensure that the location you are visiting align with the physically ability of the particpants. Example boat ride and hiking demand a certain level of physical ability.

5) The most important! DON'T forget to remind and let the particpants have fun!

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