Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chinese New Year Part 3 - Pasir Panjang wholesale Vegtable Market

As the Chinese New Year approaches, many home makers will be busy buying fresh produce to stock up their fridge in preparation reunion dinner. There are no better place than the 24 hours operated Pasir Panjang Vegetable wholesale market.

A first time visitor to the market may feel intimidated by the rush of wholesaler and retailer arguing, uploading of veg to lorries or even the shouting among various interest groups. Alot of us are scare that the "small flies" like us will be scorned at. Well, if you are scared, nothing can be accomplished. Be daring! Go up to them and demand your purchase, as long as you can pay sooner or later you will get the freshest vegtable you will ever get baring those from the farms!

This tour is classified under warehouse tours.

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view of Pasir Panjang Veg wholesaler center at night
big Pumpkin for sale
waterchest nut
Collection of fresh peppers and vegetables
mushroom really for sale to retailers
some fruits
picture of fruits and vegetables
picture of fruits and vegetables
picture of fruits and vegetables

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